Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Foods That Help Reduce Wrinkles

Find out how to decrease wrinkles on your skin by simply eating natural foods that are rich in antioxidants. Just to let you know to prevent any misconceptions that this is to reduce wrinkles. Not erase away all the wrinkles and stay wrinkle-free for life. What these natural foods does is they simply help to […]

Bullied Acne Teen Makes Stunning Catwalk Queen Debut At Fashion Week

You would have heard about Cassandra Bankson. Ok. She must have been very popular among those who suffer and suffering from cystic acne. If you can recall she produced a series of youtube videos where she demonstrated how to cover up your acne scars by using a combo of foundation, powders, concealer and spray to […]

Natural remedies for acne

Here is a host of options of switching to natural treatments for your acne. Its an indirect message to you about using commercial acne solution products which can be very aggressive on your skin and could do plenty of damage. Most importantly seek skincare that contains natural probiotics that helps to restore the good flora […]

New acne treatment? Scientists discover a virus that kills acne causing bacteria

A team of scientists claimed to have discoverd a virus-based treatment that would be helpful to reduce the use of anitbiotics in curing acne. This virus known as “phages” are tiny harmless viruses that occur naturally on the skin’s surface. They have the ability to infect and destroy the bacteria that cause acne. The best […]

Conquering Adult Acne

There is an increasing trend of a particular age group among woman who are suffering from acne breakouts. Yes, the woman who in their forties. Here are some tips to fight adult acne. -use a glycolic peel weekly -use age-specific spot treatment with soy -use anti-aging cleanser with salicylic acid Find out some other common […]

Woman faces treatment nightmare

I believe this is a good case example of why you should consult a specialist before visiting a beauty salon based on your friends or relatives recommendations. Mrs Hong ended up with a nightmare after her visit to a facial treatment. As a result she is suffering from severe acne, swelling and redness on her […]

Top 10 tips for a Healthy Complexion

Well, you are what you eat. You have absolute control over your diet. If you were to blame your genetics for the cause of your skin ailments, then you are totally wrong! In fact genetics is only a minor contributing factor to an aging skin. It should not come as any surprise that a diet […]

In What Ways Does A Scar Removal Help A Person

Scar removal is the process through which doctors or cosmetic surgeons try to enhance the appearance of a person’s skin and remove any scars on a permanent basis. Scars on your skin can occur due to many different reasons. They may occur due to an injury, pregnancy or a skin condition like acne. There are […]

Rosacea: Why the misery of ‘adult acne’ could be caused by blushing

She is already in her 40s and she finally took a gamble by using Roaccutane, although she did claim that its was a huge risk using this powerful drug known for its serious side-effects to cure her rosacea finally. Using a low dosage of this drug turned her life around. Read more

Eve Cameron cured her adult acne – and now stars on an Olay TV ad

Eve Cameron went through a lot of psychological traumas during her late teens and into her early thirties because of her problematic acne infected skin especially on her face. It was not until when she was introduced to a dermatologist who placed her under various drug combinations before it was decided to place her on […]