Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Causes of Body Acne

People automatically think of the face while talking about any kind of acne. But acne can occur on any part of our body. You could experience pimples, whiteheads and blackheads on your legs, knees, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, back and even on the buttocks. Jokingly back acne is called ‘backne’.

Normally, it is not very painful, though it depends on the harshness of the acne, but body acne normally is not as harsh as the facial acne. Acne can occasionally itch. It can be somewhat uncomfortable particularly for the aged people who do not look young as they should, to suffer from body acne can be like going through puberty all over again.

The body adult acne cause is generally the outcome of blocked pores which attract dirt and grime that end up skin suffocation. Dirt, oil and sweat gather in the pores and they promote the bacteria growth underneath the skin.  Body adult acne is similar to how facial adult acne is formed although it is commonly the friction from clothing and bacteria that leads to body adult acne.

It could be a result of specific medications and so it is worth discussing with your doctor if you are taking any medicines to see if there is any option.

You must wear loose clothes that will reduce the amount of sweating that irritates the pores and helps in the growth of acne. If you always wear several layers of clothes or bulky clothes especially warm garments then you are likely to suffer from acne.

The pores of our back are very sensitive and therefore if they become too warm we sweat and draw more dirt to the oil glands which cause acne. So, it is very essential to properly ventilate those areas in controlling acne.

Certain areas of our body that is hard to reach get forgotten about us and we do not always clean those areas and as a result the pores get blocked. You must try to get into the routine of utilizing a gentle cleanser and scrub your body on the back, neck or chest every day so that the bacteria and sweat can not get trapped and form into pimples and spots.

Try not to wear heavy thick synthetic materials, which promote sweating. By cleaning the affected areas regularly and allowing air to get to the areas, you will get rid of body acne. If the problem persists, a doctor or dermatologist will be able to prescribe a suitable treatment.