Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Causes and Cures for Adult Acne

Acne is normally considered to be a problem addressed by the teenagers. It also affects an adult person between the ages of twenty five to thirty. Adult acne is caused due to multiple and even some complex reasons. These are some causes and cures for adult acne.

The presence of hormones in birth control pills, stress, disproportion of hormones, intense sweating or living in a hot climate can cause pimples. Poor quality make up products also cause pimples and sometimes due to genetics.

If you are having birth control pills and you are having pimples then it will be best if you try different ones. There are several types of birth control pills available in the market today. My best advice on this would be to approach your personal gynaecologist.

In order to prevent the skin from breaking out, use cosmetics that are oil-free. These water-based products are also non-allergic to your skin. Hormone imbalances can be treated by the doctor who will administer the appropriate medication. If you are under any stress, it can be dealt with to reduce any risks of further outbreaks. Instead of wearing tight-fitting clothing usually made of synthetic materials like lycra and nylon, try to wear clothing that are made of cotton as they are much gentle on the skin and permits breath-ability.

In adult, blackheads are also a big problem though they are not caused due to dirt. Blackheads are combination of oil and dead skin cells that are blocked within the pores. It obstructs the duct which blends with bacteria and turns black when it is exposed to the air.

Whiteheads are a collection of keratin and sebum, which blocks the opening of the pilosebaceous unit (skin pore) and imbed itself in the follicular canal under the skin so that it looks like a raised, white bump. It is most commonly called as a closed Comedone.

Exfoliating can assist you to relax blackheads but you can use a very gentle facial scrub also. Other ways such as comedone extractors and adhesive strips can be utilized to loosen the blackheads although they can leave marks on your skin.

Steaming your skin can also help to open the pores and permit blackheads to be removed completely.But it will be best if you seek advice from a reputed dermatologist or skin specialist who can impart you the best method to remove them.

Adult acne and teenage acne both are treated exactly in the same way but some of the products that teenagers use might not be suitable for an adult. A visit to a trained facialist can give you some useful advice that can help you to get rid of acne. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate and cheese does not cause acne.

However, for serious adult acne conditions, which may not be cured by ordinary treatments, antibiotics, retinoids and azelaic acids need be used. The only downside is that they are very costly. Few specific birth control pills are very effective in curing acne and a very high extreme treatment comprise the use of Accutane, which is  mainly a concentrated form of Vitamin A. Caution should be observed that this shall be used for only five months as any misuse can lead to some irrecoverable damages.