Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Why Is An Organic Soap A Better Choice

Soaps are used for body cleaning purposes by everyone. There is hardly a person on the face of this earth who does not use a soap of one kind or another for cleaning purposes. A lot of different varieties of soap can be found in the market these days. However, most of these are commercial […]

New Light Treatment Sheds Some Light On Acne Cure

“If you have adult acne, then its time that you step into the light!” –  as quoted by a presenter from WSJ Live. Researches are harnessing healing properties of light to treat adult acne. Yes, scientists are developing photodynamic treatment for moderate to severe acne. Photodynamic light treatment comes in 2 ingredients. One is a […]

If Only Scientists Could Figure Out What Causes Acne

What causes acne? Here are the usual suspects. Chocolate, fatty foods, sugar, milk, sleep deprivation, stress, hormones and inheritance. Of them all, scientists argue that none of them except stress and hormones play a big part for the causes of acne. But recent research have found that a lack of essential fatty acids that has […]

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne

You must have possibly read all the natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory proerties found in tea tree oil. It seems to become almost omnipresent. Its found in almost all beauty products out there in the market. As you can see how flexible tea tree oil is where applications are concerned. It can be easily integrated together […]

Dermatologists Answer Burning Questions About Sunscreens

There have been always issues with the use of sunscreens suitable for certain age groups and the level of protection it offers. Dermatologist Henry W.Lim of the Henry Ford Hospital answers some burning questions about sunscreens. As he qoutes “Just be sure to choose one that offers broad-spectrum protection, has an SPF of 30 or […]