Adult Acne Treatment Reviews


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Adult acne
is a condition that plagues many grown men and women. Acne is a distressing and painful skin condition and has always been one of the most difficult and popular skin ailments. It is caused due to excessive oil generation and build-up of dirt and grime in the skin.

But it does not only plague those with oily skin. Even those with dry skin or normal skin are known to suffer from acne thus making it widely unpopular. Nobody likes acne and so various skin care manufacturers have come up with various acne care products to get rid of these unwanted outbreaks. Differin is one such product that is widely used.

What is Differin?

Differin is an acne treatment that is prescription based and has great anti acne properties. It is a topical retinoid, made using a 0.01% to 0.03% adapalene concentration, which is a known anti acne substance. It is a gel/cream based medication that usually has positive effects in 3-6 months.

It attacks acne which has formed beneath the skin to remove it from its very base. Though this treatment often works, it is usually prescribed for mild cases of acne, or when acne is still in its developing stages.

Acne is a painful and often embarrassing condition for most people. Taking proper care of it and using proper medication can help take care of the damage. Differin claims to be one of those magic medications that can take care of acne and even remove scars and blemishes in just a few months of use.

How does Differin work?

Differin comes in two forms. One is a gel and the other a lotion. The doctor will decide which one is more suitable for you. Differin has a chemical known as adapalene that attacks the acne, which has developed within the skin to give users clear and smooth skin.

It usually takes about 3 to 6 months for any positive results to show. It has generally received good reviews from users, though some users have reported itchiness, redness and worsening of their condition.

By targeting acne below the skin, Differin tries to reduce the causes of acne, as well as its symptoms such as swelling, pus formation, redness and pain. It also helps cleanse the skin of excess build up and unclog pores.  While using Differin, the skin has to be washed first with a non- soap, mild cleanser.

After pat drying skin, only a pea sized amount of the gel is to be applied on the affected area. This is to be done at bedtime so that the medication takes effect at night.
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Medical/Clinical Proof

Differin, originally manufactured by L’Oreal and Nestle, was produced first in 1981 and has since done quite well in the market. It is currently manufactured by the Galderman Laboratories, LP. It was approved by the FDA in the June of 2007 and continues to be a popular and widely prescribed medication. In fact, Differin was one of the most popular products of L’Oreal and Nestle and still continues to be so for its current manufacturer.

The Price Factor

You need to register to get a $35 rebate for either the gel or for the lotion. This is a prescription-based acne treatment which the dermatologist will decide for you. The Differin gel 0.1% for 15 grams and 30 grams costs about $29.99 and $48.99 respectively. Bear in mind that this pricing is only for 0.1% concentration of adapalene. (Prices are subjected to changes) The prices are not really revealed on the Differin website but since you need a dermatologist to decide for you between the gel or the lotion, I believe it can be pretty pricey.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Differin are a respectable company and offer 30 day money back guarantee if the product does not work.


Differin is widely popular for its acne curing properties. It works best on mild case of acne, or developing cases, since it tries to locate and fix the problem from within the skin. Adapalene is extremely good for curing acne and the 0.3% concentration helps in reducing symptoms.

Differin also is a very effective solution for non-inflammatory acne. It is also useful for reducing blemishes, since it is a topical retinoid which are known for their scar reducing properties.


Differin might have many side effects such as itching, redness, swelling etc. it can interfere with other medical problems, even only a tiny amount of it is absorbed into the blood. Allergies should be discussed with the prescribing doctor since the Differin acne cream might cause or aggravate already existing allergies.

The product should also not be used by women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding. Sunburn and eczema are also conditions in which Differin should be avoided. The price of the gel or cream is quite high and can get a little steep for the public.

My Conclusion

Even though the product does work extremely well for cases of mild and non-inflammatory acne, it is too steeply priced and has too many side effects. User discretion is advised while using the product. It also takes a lot of time to cure the acne.

But if the condition is mild, then Differin surely can work, since it has got some good reviews from users. Side effects such as peeling and dryness can be combated by using moisturizer along with the medication. Not all creams work the same for everyone, and if too many side effects are experienced, the doctor needs to be informed immediately.