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Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol star rating
Acne can turn any skin into unattractive skin. Nobody likes having acne since it is painful, irritating and distressing. While there are many products for teenage acne, adult acne requires care that is a little more sensible. Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol is one such treatment that helps deal with adult acne in the right way.

What is Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol?

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol is a revolutionary acne treatment that specializes in treating adult acne and curing it. Unlike other acne treatments that follow spot treating routines for reducing outwardly visible blemishes, this system goes deep inside the pores to reduce acne at the micro level.

The system consists of a Pore Clarifying Cleanser, that deep cleanses pores to remove dirt and oil, a Skin Clearing Treatment that actively fights acne, and a Complexion Renewing Lotion that takes care of skin and prevents discoloration and ageing. Olay is fast becoming a favorite among anti ageing skin care treatments and this anti acne treatment is another milestone.

How does Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol work?

The technologically advanced Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol uses moisture balance techniques to maintain the skin’s natural hydration even during hormonal changes in the body. The cleanser reduces oil build up in the follicles and the salicylic acid, which is an active ingredient, helps prevent acne.

After the cleansing, the anti acne treatment cream helps to fight existing acne and reduce scars and blemishes. The lotion helps even out skin tone and prevents skin from drying. As the skin ages, it loses its ability to regenerate moisture and hence becomes dry and dull.

Acne treatment products usually make conditions worse as they suck out all oils and moisture from skin. This lotion helps to maintain the natural water balance of the skin to prevent ageing and dullness.

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Medical/Clinical Proof

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol contains salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient. It is known for fighting acne and is the active ingredient in most acne treatment products. Users’ reviews have proved the product to be a hit with women having ageing skin and adult acne.

Olay is a popular brand name when it comes to beauty and skin care products. The Olay Professional Alliance, a team that consists of several Olay scientists and leading dermatologists, has perfected the skincare regimen.

The Price Factor

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol sells for $46.99  (Prices are subjected to changes)

Money Back Guarantee

Olay offers a 60-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. All there is to do is to call on the number printed on the box with the money receipt or bill against the product purchase. The company limits the money back offer to just one kit or product per customer.


Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol is very effective in treating adult acne. The best part is it is specifically designed to treat ageing skin and it not only fights acne but also skin ageing. It promises to reduce the appearance of larger or visible skin pores with daily usage within 4 weeks.

Many users have reviewed it to be extremely gentle on the skin, and the lotion to work wonders for the hydration and care of the skin. Repeated usage of the product twice a day helps remove spots and blemishes for a clearer complexion.

It also helps to prevent acne breakouts as it removes any extra oil from the face. It leaves the skin smooth and younger looking.


Some users report it to be too gentle an acne treatment and that it only works on mild acne. There are reports of the cleanser being as gentle as it fails to remove make up from face. Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in the Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol, has some alleged side effects such as hearing and memory impairment, though none of them has been linked to the product.

Skin used to being treated by products containing benzoyl peroxide would register little difference, or might even suffer from aggravation as the salicylic acid reacts in a different manner.

My conclusion

The Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol is good for mild adult acne and pimple breakout. But if the acne is moderate-severe, it is a little useless to waste so much money on the treatment, since it is more expensive than most other acne treatment products. But it works for ageing skin.