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Neutrogena Skin ID

Neutrogena Skin ID star rating
Acne is one of the leading skin problems of the time. It is painful, unattractive and very distressing and hence is unwanted for obvious reasons. A large number of acne treatments are available in the market. Among many, Neutrogena is the newest to launch into the acne treatment market with Neutrogena Skin ID acne solutions. Here is a comprehensive review of the product and how it works.

What is Neutrogena Skin ID?

Neutrogena has recently launched acne treatment solutions under the category of Neutrogena Skin ID. It consists of a total of ten products that can be divided into three types – cleansing agents, acne treatment cream/solution, and cleansing pads.

The treatment consists of an evaluation questionnaire that customers are asked to fill. The evaluation ID has been created, keeping in mind that every individual has different skin and different skin troubles. It consists of questions regarding the users’ lifestyle, skin type (oily/ dry/ combination), current product usage etc.

Based on the answer, a combination of three products is prescribed to the user, as per their needs and skin type. A total of 25 different combinations are possible and the one best suited to the users according to their Skin ID evaluation results is prescribed to them.

How does Neutrogena Skin ID work?

Neutrogena Skin ID consists of three products prescribed to the user with the help of their Skin ID evaluation results. These three products include a cleaner, a treatment or solution for acne, generally a cream called the “Anti- Acne treatment”, which is product no. 32. First, users need to cleanse their face using the type of cleanser they get, i.e. gel, facial foam etc.

After cleansing the face, the acne treatment is to be applied on affected areas and then moisturize with the accompanying moisturizer or cleansing pad. The treatment works well for acne as it dissolves the oil build up so that the salicylic acid can reach inside and heal from within.
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Medical/Clinical Proof

Neutrogena Skin ID is made predominantly using certain acknowledged anti – acne elements. The acne treatment solution consists of 2.5 per cent of benzoyl peroxide, a well known anti acne element, popular in acne solutions for its acne fighting and preventing properties.

It I also recognized and approved by the National Institute of Health as a source of fighting acne. The cleansing pads and other products also contain a good percentage of Salicylic acid, which is also a well known anti acne chemical.

Neutrogena is a well reputed company and has excellent user reviews for all it’s over the counter skin products. The products have a near perfect success rate at achieving their claims, and Neutrogena is popularly considered to be one of the top skincare brands in the world.

The Price Factor

The Introductory kit sells for $19.95/mth which includes both shipping and tax of the product. (Prices are subjected to changes) This is a prescription based acne treatment which requires you to try out their online evaluation form which has 25 possible combinations.

The purpose of this evaluation form is to narrow down the range of their products that can suit your skin type. The pricing is only determined when you finally complete the form which churns out the best possible acne treatment you can get.

Money Back Guarantee

Neutrogena offers a 60-day money back guarantee for all users. It also offers a membership, which means the products get delivered to customers at discounted prices.


Neutrogena Skin ID is a new acne treatment system that is soon gaining popularity. It is effective on moderate to severe acne, and does not have any major side effects. Users have reported softer and more glowing skin with use of the prescribed products, and that Neutrogena provides a complete solution to the acne problem. It also has a pleasant smell and does not leave the skin greasy. The steps are simple and the treatment works fast.


Salicylic acid, one of the major ingredients in Neutrogena Skin ID acne solutions, can have some severe side effects such as auditory impairment, memory impairment and irritation and pain. The customer service of the product line has also garnered negative reviews from users as reportedly being unresponsive to pleas of cancelling future orders so that the product keeps coming every month.

Users have also reported irritation of skin, itching, tightening of skin, oily skin becoming excessively dry and vice versa. On top of it, the product is quite expensive, even though it has ingredients that are common to most other anti acne treatments that are much moderately priced.

My Conclusion

Neutrogena Skin ID might or might not work. While some users have reported positive results, most have reported a worsening of the condition within 2-3 weeks of use. Even though the product tries to provide different treatment for different skin types, it basically ends up using the same anti acne treatment while just rotating the cleanser and moisturizer. It should be used for moderate acne only.