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What is Exposed Skin Care System?

Exposed Skin Care system is one of the few acne products that actually deliver results in treating the acne problem from inside-out. Exposed Skin Care System is an effective acne treatment that uses natural ingredients to eliminate acne, resulting in a healthy, glowing skin.

This topical acne solution not only removes acne but also clears skin from blackheads, zits, blemishes and whiteheads, hence giving you a clean and clear even toned skin. It works on every skin type and in all the age groups to eliminate acne related problems.

How Does Exposed Skin Care System Work?

Exposed Skin Care works by treating the primary causes of acne and prevent them from recurring. It uses a combination of natural and scientifically proved ingredients that eliminate bacteria, unclog pores, regulate sebum and oil production, relieves inflammation and redness and rejuvenates skin. Exposed Skin Care treatment works in following steps:

Exposed Skin Care CleanserCleaning: This is the first basic step in skin care. It removes all the impurities and excessive oil from the skin that provide perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in. The Exposed Facial Cleanser cleanses the skin removes dirt, excessive oils, debris form the skin. It reaches the deepest layers of the skin to destroy bacteria that cause acne. The ingredients used in Exposed anti-acne cleanser do not contain laureth sulphates or lauryl, which are harsh and irritate the skin.

Clearing: Another step in Exposed Skin Care Treatment is clearing the skin pores with the help of Exposed Clearing Tonic. Exposed Clearing Tonic opens the clogged pores that are responsible for causing acne.Exposed Clearing Tonic It clears the deep skin pores and destroys growth of acne causative organisms. Exposed Clearing tonic contains many skin rejuvenating ingredients such as allantoin, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that restore the normal ph of the skin.

Exposed Treatment SerumTreating: The most important step is treating the existing acne and preventing their recurrence. Exposed Acne Treatment Serum is used for this purpose. Serum contains benzoyl peroxide that eliminates acne causing bacteria and reduces their further growth.

Restoring: Exposed Clean Pore Serum restores the balance of lost nutrients and rejuvenates the skin, making it healthy and glowing.Exposed Clearpore Serum The night time Gel repairs the damaged skin and re-balances the skin throughout the night time.

Exposed Moisture ComplexMoisturising: The last important step in skin care is hydrating the skin. Exposed Moisture Complex contains natural moisturising agents that gently moisturise your skin and replenish the essential oils without causing oil imbalance.

The above mentioned steps work together to give acne-free, healthy and clear skin.

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Medical/Clinical Proof

Exposed Skin care is formulated by a panel of dermatologist, naturopath and cosmetologist. The ingredients used in Exposed products such as Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide are FDA approved over the counter medicines.

The Price Factor

Their basic 60-day 5-Piece Kit costs $59.95. Expanded 60-day 6-Piece Kit costs $69.95. The Ultimate 9-Piece Kit costs $104.95. (Prices are subjected to changes) You can get a $10 discount if you sign up as a member.

Money Back Guarantee

Exposed Skin Care system comes with 100 percent money back guarantee for one year. In case acne is not cured within a year, full amount is refunded.


Exposed Skin Care system works effectively in all acne types and eliminates even the severe acne forms such as cysts and nodules.

– Exposed Skin Care products are made up of natural ingredients that are safe and gentle to the skin.

– It works by treating the primary causes of acne. It treats the acne and heals the damaged skin.

– The money back policy gives you guaranteed acne treatment.


The topical solutions treat the surface cause and symptoms but the internal cause remains the same. In some cases, Exposed Skin Care may take longer time to deliver results.

My Conclusion

Exposed Skin Care combines science and nature to treat the primary causes of acne and gives you acne-free, healthier, cleaner and radiant skin.