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Acne is more like a vicious cycle of skin disease. There are multiple simple and complex reasons for it to get triggered. To counter this skin blemish, thousands of acne curing products are being created and manufactured to the masses.

Even though most of them are being tested and created by laboratory dermatologists, some of them have become unsuccessful down the road. This could be due to the involvement of chemicals in them in order to succeed in eliminating acne and other types of skin blemishes as fast as possible due to customers’ impatience with their skin conditions.

This as a result may probably cause more side effects and in some cases very severe to some buyers whose skin type may not be compatible with these commercial acne products. Thus scientists are always trying to produce chemical-free acne solutions that will certainly have little or even no side effects in the process of curing acne.

Having said that, I’m reviewing a new chemical-free acne treatment solution in the name of Help: Clear Skin, a soluble supplement that will help improve your skin within as little as 4-6weeks.

What is Help: Clear Skin?

Works with Water which is its parent company is UK’s first ever company to introduce a range of food supplements that has ingredients which scientifically supports to have a direct effect on health problems. The founder of this company is Jules Birch and she is very passionate in helping people taking care of their health issues.

The formulation of help: Clear Skin always involves natural ingredients. The blend of active ingredients in help: clear skin has a positive impact on blemishes for both men and women.

Natural blemish treatment is achieved with the use of Lactoferrin, a clinically proven bioactive protein. Clinical trials have shown it to reduce the development of the bacteria, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes and helping you to achieve a smoother, clearer, healthier complexion.

They have a separate packaging for both men and women. The orange box is for men and the pink for women. They both contain the same amount of ingredients. Its just a color variation for both sexes.

How does Help: Clear Skin work?

Help: Clear Skin contains 100% natural ingredients which includes PravENAC™ – a proprietary food supplement specifically formulated to help improve skin. The active ingredients lactoferrin, aloe vera and zinc gluconate provide antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to achieve and maintain normal skin.

Lactoferrin is a natural ingredient derived from milk which has been proven to reduce acne, in four to six weeks, by boosting the body’s natural defences.

It controls the growth of acne bacteria, reduces the appearance of blemishes and also speeds up the skin’s innate healing process, leaving your complexion looking clearer and more radiant.

The New Clear Skin and Clear Skin for MEN packageLactoferrin has a dual working system. Firstly, it prevents the growth of the propionibacterium, a type of natural-made bacteria which lives on most people’s skin and responsible for acne, thereby reducing the number of new spots forming.

Secondly its anti-inflammatory properties mean that the size of spots is reduced and blemishes heal much faster resulting in a smoother complexion.

Each pack contains 14 sachets of 3.5 grams. Each sachet contains the recommended daily dose of 200mg of lactoferrin to help clear blemishes. Take 1 sachet a day by mixing it into your favourite hot or cold drink. Its better if you mix it with hot drinks as the crystallized forms in the sachet can break up and dissolve much better.

You can even add to yoghurt, breakfast cereal or to a soup of your choice. Additionally its suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and anyone with lactose intolerance.

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transformed the life of Sunddas Bhatti to a covergirl.

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Medical/Clinical Proof

It has been shown in the clinical research that people with acne-prone skin who add 200mg of lactoferrin to their daily diet noticed a median reduction of 71% in spots by week four and a staggering 95% median reduction by week eight.

Positive effects have been experienced by teenagers who have consumed dietary supplementation with lactoferrin and have been proven in several studies as they get a median increase in blemish free skin of 71 per cent after one month and 95 per cent after two months.

Although lactoferrin can be found in milk, the beneficial skin clearing effect is only activated when this bioactive protein is extracted from the milk. This means that drinking litres of milk is not going to deliver the same benefit!

In addition to lactoferrin, help: clear skin contains:

  • High extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate which have an antimicrobial and nourishing effect on the skin
  • Oligofructose: a natural source of soluble fibre. Increasing fibre intake enables your body to expel toxins that negatively affect the skin.

Furthermore the presence of lactoferrin means that it has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which are relevant to the support of a healthy complexion.

The Price Factor

At the point of this writing, a pack of 14 sachets costs only £22.94 or $37.27. For a 28 sachet pack, it costs £39.95 or $64.90. Free shipping on orders over £60 (UK) and on orders over £70 worldwide. (Prices are subjected to changes)

Money Back Guarantee

Works with Water is ready to give you a money back guarantee if there is NO improvement in the acne condition visible within 56 days of continual daily usage. If you don’t see a visible improvement in your skin after taking help: clear skin every day for 56 days, simply return your help: clear skin product for a full refund of the purchase price (less p&p).

So, its great that you can get some assurance with your investment in this product. The timeline of 56 days given is further proof that Help: Clear Skin produces results and the company is so confident that you will enjoy the benefits that come along with this product.


Help: Clear Skin is packed with full of nutrition.  Each portion contains high extracts of aloe vera and Oligofructose which is a source of soluble fibre. Its free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and lactose intolerant people. Its taste-free and non-thickening wouldn’t alter the taste or texture of your food or drink.

The natural ingredients in it speeds up the healing process and it seems to work very well on red spots. So far it has no known side effects. It also contributes positively to the physical and emotional well-being of young adults in teens.

Praventin being one of the ingredient is effective on both Asian and Caucasian skin types. Yes, statistics matter. You get to see reduction in blemishes by 29% by week 2 and 74% by week 12. It has greater effect on infected and inflamed lesions. It functions in two ways.

First and foremost it prevents the growth of propionibacterium which is a natural bio element present on most people’s skin and responsible for acne, thereby reducing the number of acne spot blemishes. Secondly it has anti inflammatory properties and it helps to reduce the size of spots and blemishes. It also helps to heal much quicker which gives a smoother complexion of the skin.


I’m not sure how possibly I could give any cons to this product, but I will still try to mention it as I’m subjected to being totally unbiased here. Even though this is a natural product, it still comes with some warnings.

Caution should be practiced for those who are pregnant or under any medication. You many need to consult a healthcare professional or a dermatologist before consuming this product even though it has no sweeteners and flavourings. Those who are under the age of 18 needs to seek parental guidance. Well, I guess teens tend to abuse their curiosity by overusing this product and so I have to make that statement.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet as it is a food supplement.

My Conclusion

Help: Clear Skin is definitely a very safe product to use. Much of its assurance comes from the great nutritional ingredients it contains. The pros hugely overwhelms the cons of this product. Much credit needs to be given to the existence of lactoferrin in it.

Definitely this product satisfies my requirement as another natural acne curing product. Most importantly, this product is getting some really good reviews from the users themselves and they are seeing results as early as within the first week. Its one of the finest acne clearing products on the market!

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