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Murad Acne Complex

Murad Acne Complex star rating

What is Murad Acne Complex?

Murad Acne Complex works just in the same manner as Proactiv and other elements used in skin care.  The complex kit comes with a skin lotion, exfoliating gel and also a treatment compound that deals with spots.  These are the main elements that make up the Murad Acne Complex.

Just like the case might be for other skin medications, you may experience some breakout during the first days of using this drug.  This is referred to as the purging process.

This treatment makes use of chemicals but still there are a few types of natural ingredients in it. Some of the natural ingredients in Murad Acne Complex are tangerine, lemon, apricot kernel and lime oils.  These help in protecting the skin against the effects of environmental damages.

How does Murad Acne Complex work?

Murad Acne Complex deals with all skin conditions that are ideally related to acne. It is also good for relieving skin breakouts.  It works by reducing the build up of cells, their inflammation and getting rid of excess oil in the skin. There are three main ingredients in Murad Acne Complex. These include:
Hydrating agents
Anti inflammatory

These three elements work to give you the right acne treatment and thus guaranteeing you the best results in terms of regaining your skin health back. Whether you are suffering from real acne or some condition that resembles acne, the Murad Acne Complex will surely be of help to you.  There are three major treatments contained in this complex.

Murad Clarifying CleanserThese are the clarifying cleanser, exfoliating treatment, and skin perfecting lotion. The clarifying cleanser is proved to reduce a greater majority of skin surface bacteria.  Its main components are salicylic and triclosan acids that help to reduce acne blemishes and keep the skin clearer as well.

The exfoliating gel on the other hand helps to penetrate the pores and keeps them clean.Murad Exfoliating Gel The treatment contains hydrogen peroxide which helps in purifying the skin and thus making it healthy and clearer.

Murad Skin Perfecting LotionThe skin perfection lotion is the third treatment in this case. It helps in skin hydration. This treatment contains arnica and retinol which help to reduce skin redness and also keep the pores open.
This video shows about Murad Acne Complex’s 3 simple step system

Medical/Clinical Proof

Murad Acne Complex is pretty luxurious even when it is used as an everyday skincare solution.  It is powerful enough to fight the worst of acne conditions that have ever been experienced.  This treatment is greatly backed by very strong medical studies.  This product treats your skin by treating, cleansing and hydrating it. This treatment has been around for quite some time and has proven to really work.

The Price Factor

The Murad Acne Complex introductory kit costs $29.95 for a one month supply. This is a “TV ONLY” special offer which includes a free ‘Rapid Results’ bonus pack. For a 2 month supply you can get it at $60 which includes free acne spot treatment. (Prices are subjected to changes)

Money Back Guarantee

When you buy the treatment, you will get an 8 weeks money back guarantee. Most of the people who have used this treatment have seen great results just within a span of less than one month.  There also other people who have achieved clear skin just within three days.  The 2-month money back guarantee just proves that this treatment will surely serve its purpose.


Murad Acne Complex will help you regain that clear and healthy skin that you have always craved for.  It will help to unclog your skin pores as well. It greatly reduces any irritation effects. Be assured that all skin blemishes will be dealt with. Murad Acne Complex will restore the natural skin balance as well. You won’t have to use this treatment for an extended period before it takes effect. The natural ingredients in Murad Acne Complex are important in preventing skin damage from environmental allergens.


The Murad Acne Complex causes burning of the skin. Many people who have used the product complain that it damages the skin and also makes it very painful. In some people, the acne might tend to worsen before the situation comes back to control. This product is known to cause cystic acne which mainly is an irritation of the skin. Many people do not also love the strong smell of the medicine.

My Conclusion

The Murad Acne Complex has been here for quite some time. In fact, it was invented by a dermatologist who understood the causes and effects of acne best. Many of the people who have used this treatment have seen it work in such a short period of time. The only effect that many people experience is skin irritation but this is expected to go away after some time.