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What is AcnEase?

AcnEase has been developed by a botanical therapeutics company by the name of Herborium Group, Inc. They are more focused on developing botanical-based medicinal products to consumers and healthcare professionals. To make their products unique, they use clinical validation to establish and maintain that differential advantage.

The founder of this company is Dr.Agnes P. Olszewski. She has a double degree in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, with enormous clinical experience and is the primary developer behind this product.

AncEase is a proprietary, unique formula based on herbaceutical science and a blend of Western and Eastern medicine and has been well received by hundreds and thousands of satisfied users so far. It is a unique blend of specially selected, harvested, extracted and processed ingredients with efficacy supported by clinical research. The process of its creation is a protected trade secret. It’s designed to cure all types of acne and other blemishes.

Adult acne, teen acne, hormonal acne for both male and female, menopausal, cystic acne, stress/exercise-related acne, body acne and pregnancy acne just to name a few. Here is the breakdown of its ingredients that make up this unique blend of acne solution.

AcnEase dose (2000 mg – 4 tablets) contains the following ingredients appearing in decreasing order:

  1. Gardenia Fruit (Fructus Gardeniae)
  2. Houttuynia (Herba Houttuyniae)
  3. Scierotium (Poriae Cocos)
  4. Dandelion (Herba Taraxaei)
  5. Balsam Pear
  6. Leaf Mustard
  7. Tablet Excipients
  8. Dextrin (vegetable based) Tablets coated with Dextrin
  9. Corn Starch – 25 mg/tablet (enables tablet compression)

The above mentioned herbs are known for their medicinal benefits. Thus AcnEase is both natural and botanical. It is purely made ONLY with botanical ingredients and can be consumed by vegetarians, vegans and diabetics.

How Does AcnEase Work?

If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to start with the Treatment Phase to see the best results. Each treatment level requires a specific number of bottles for a minimum one-month. There are 72 tablets in each bottle.

  • For mild acne (3 bottles)
  • For moderate acne (5 bottles)
  • For severe acne (7 bottles)

It’s in the best interest of you to continue with the treatment even if you start to see results in the average of 7-10 days. There is no separate product for each type of acne. They are all the same for each treatment. The only difference is that each treatment (depending on the skin condition) requires a different daily dose or regimen and they usually come with instructions on each order.

Just a little definition which can help you identify the type of acne you are suffering from:

  • Mild facial acne is usually defined as a small number of small pimples, usually on the face and forehead that appear periodically.
  • Moderate facial acne is usually defined as a larger number of pimples, some inflamed, cover larger areas of face and forehead, more persistent.
  • Severe acne is usually defined as larger pimples and some cysts, many inflamed, cover larger areas of face or back, persistent and chronic.
  • Body Acne is the same as listed above, just on parts of body.
AcnEase tablets

AcnEase tablets

So for mild acne, take 4 tablets twice daily for a month. For very persistent or resistant acne, the dose has been safely increased to 18 tablets a day where you consume 6 of them 3 times daily.

Depending on the results after the one-month treatment, should you not experience the desired results yet, you can choose to continue with the treatment phase. For those who have seen the desired results and wish to maintain them, they can decide to enter the Maintenance Phase.

AcnEase Maintenance Treatment

AcnEase Maintenance Treatment

For this phase, you only need to use one bottle per month. You only take 2-3 tablets twice daily. Just to take note that this phase is only recommended after you have completed the Treatment Phase and have experienced the desired results. It is not for a first-timer.

Since this is an oral medication, the best way to take AcnEase is about 10 minutes before any meals with water. This ensures that there is maximum absorption of the ingredients in it. In fact, you can also take it with meals should you find it an inconvenience taking before meals.

Below is the AcnEase dosage reference table

WeightMild Acne
(Teen & Women Only)
(One-month treatment)
3 Bottles
Mild Acne (Men Only)
& Moderate Acne (Teens & Adults)
(One-month treatment)
5 Bottles
Severe Acne
(Teens & Adults)
(One-month treatment)
7 Bottles
Body Acne
(6 Week Treatment)
8 Bottles
Severe Body Acne
(6 Week Treatment)
10 Bottles
Below 180 lbs
(85 kg)
8 tablets/day
4 tablets 2x day
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
18 tablets/day
6 tablets 3 x day
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
18 tablets/day
6 tablets 3 x day
Above 180 Lbs
(85 kg)
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3x day
12 tablets/day
4 tablets 3 x day
18 tablets/day
6 tablets 3 x day
18 tablets/day 6 tablets 3 x day18 tablets/day 6 tablets 3 x day

The choice of your diet here contributes hugely to the success of its effectiveness in curing your acne. Try to veer away from spicy and greasy foods. Instead add in more fish, fresh fruits and dark green vegetables to your diet. The tablets are actually small enough to swallow along with apple sauce, yogurt, smoothie and even fruit puree.

Do you remember Cassandra Bankson, the American model who famously and bravely removed her makeup to show the world that she is suffering from cystic acne in a video? She has been using AcnEase and has experienced remarkable results. Below is a twelve minute video of her explaining how to use this product amidst with some sense of humor.

Medical/Clinical Proof

AcnEase is covered under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 which enables businesses in good practice to market and sell safe, high quality supplements to the public. This product also passed with flying colors for safety and efficacy after going through the clinical trials.

AcnEase is the only clinically validated botanical acne treatment that not only removes acne, but also prevents it from any recurrence. This is the only way that you can get rid of your acne as it clears it from the inside out. It is completely safe to take, and offered in mild, moderate or severe treatments.

It is 100% free of any animal products, by-products or derevatives, glutten, Phytoestrongens, sugar and milk deratives. It is 100% plant based product which includes the thin tablet coating of vegetable extract. It is also vegan diet friendly. Thus it is very safe to take and guarantees great improvement on your skin if you follow the regimen strictly.

The ingredients found in AcnEase have undergone extensive tests at doses that far exceed the human dose and have shown to be safe with no signs of toxicity. It has been also cleared by the FDA on the list of dangerous herbs compiled by them and also on the herbs known to cause side effects.

The success rate has been incredible! It works nearly 100% for women with hormonal acne, 95% on women with adult acne, 85% of men with adult and body acne and 95% on teens.

AcnEase founder Dr Agnes

The Price Factor

Mild Acne Treatment (3 bottles) – £60

Moderate Acne Treatment (5 bottles) – £99.50

Severe Acne Treatment (7 bottles) – £126.50

Rosacea Control Treatment (5 bottles) – £99.50

Maintenance Phase Treatment (1 bottle) – £24.00

Body Acne for Athletes Treatment (10 bottles) – £167.50

(Prices are subjected to changes)

Money Back Guarantee

If in any way, you are not happy with the product, you need to contact the customer service team to request a returns authorisation number which will make the reimbursement process much faster.

Reimbursement will also include the cost of delivery which is a standard one offered by them unless you choose other types of delivery. Just ensure that you obtain a proof of postage receipt.

You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. In order to do that you will need to create a free account and select the appropriate option. If you are not sure how to do it, the customer service team will be there to assist you.

The whole process is really very simple and hassle-free.


There are just too many of them. Below are a few of the notable ones.

  • It is a 100% botanic-based product
  • It has no side effects
  • Safe to use during pregnancy
  • Can be taken by all ages
  • Easy to swallow – small pills
  • It is totally sun-safe (no sun restrictions are required when you use it)
  • Has no hormonal ingredients
  • It does not cause any discoloration of skin
  • It even improves the condition of the scalp and hair


  • Expensive
    To justify the price tag:
    With many years of research behind the development of AcnEase, it is rather unique with a proprietary formula that demands plenty of time to make it. This is especially due to the extraction process and making the highest quality selection of herbal ingredients.
    The formulation is also heavily tested for its efficacy and safety which is a very costly process. All these factors are reflected in the cost.
  • Huge Daily Dose
    To justify the heavy dose:
    This is a treatment purely based on herbs that do not use any kind of preservatives or chemical processes for extraction and processing. Thus it is completely safe to use quite a bit of these botanical and natural ingredients.
    For this product to work really effectively, a certain amount of ingredients must be delivered.
  • Extra Packaging
    It would have been better to have it all in one bottle instead of 5 or 7 bottles for the case of moderate and severe acne.

My Conclusion

I find it very hard to ridicule AcnEase nor find any kind of shortcomings on this acne treatment as it is loaded with tons of benefits. Since its 100% botanical-based product, it certainly is much better than a natural product.

It’s so safe that even pregnant women can take it. It also has a remarkable success rate so far for acne patients of all ages suffering from various levels of acne and other type of skin blemishes.

AcnEase also has a very strong medical backing and does not have any side effects. The only downside is the pricing which some may find it expensive and the large amount of doses to be taken for those who have severe forms of acne.

Despite that, I’ll still round it up as a top-notch acne product that I would definitely recommend here. As an acne product reviewer, I’m very confident in this product as it delivers just as it claims.

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