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Clinique Acne Solution

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What is Clinique Acne Solution?

Clinique is a renowned American cosmetic, skincare, fragrance and toiletries manufacturing brand under the high end luxury cosmetic brand Estée Lauder as the parent company. Clinique Acne Solutions is a range of products by the company to prevent and clear the acne affected skin.

Acne Solutions by Clinique has various products in the basket, specified in three major categories – Acne Solutions clear skin system, treatment specialist and Acne Solutions make-up. All three categories have different products to deal with different stages of acne and prevent them.

Clinique Acne Solutions range has products for a daily skin care routine that includes, cleanser, moisturizer,sunscreen, exfoliater, clarifying lotion, bathing bar, foundation and concealer.

How does the Clinique Acne Solutions work?

Acne Solutions clear skin system has Acne Solutions cleansing foam, clear skin system starter kit, cleansing bar for face and body, clarifying lotion and clearing moisturizer oil-free. These products help to deal with mild acne and prevent them by keeping the pores unclogged, remove dirt to avoid further blocking of pores that cause acne.

Acne Solutions clear skin system soothes the skin and makes it comfortable while removing excess oil, which is the primary cause of acne. Acne Solutions clear skin system by Clinique keeps your skin supple and radiant, while calming and visibly reducing the redness.Clinique Cleansing Bar

Treatment specialists by the Clinique acne solution range of products are to deal with slightly aggravated form of acne.  Acne Solutions emergencygel lotion is a medicated product to deal with acne. It has benzoyl peroxide that helps to clear the recurring, stubborn pimples.

Clinique Acne Solutions Make UpOther products in the category help to reduce the blemishes and stimulate faster healing. Clinique Acne Solutions products also help to fade away the acne marks, while preventing the acne by keeping the skin oil and dirt free. The Acne Solutions make-up by Clinique helps to keep the skin away from the break outs and creates a natural look without any damages.
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3 step system of Clinique Acne Solution

Medical/Clinical Proof

Clinique has foundation and concealer under the Acne Solutions product basket. Clinically tested and developed by dermatologists: Clinique is a dermatologist developed cosmetic brand which is completely fragrance free and allergy tested. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective and common ingredient to deal with acne, which is a major ingredient of the Clinique Acne Solutions.

The Price Factor

The Clinique Acne Solution starter kit costs $34 for all skin type. (Prices are subjected to changes)

Money Back Guarantee

Although the brand promises to create a flawless acne free skin in six weeks, it does not offer any money back guarantee. It’s your choice if you want to invest in the product or not.


The most important aspect of the Acne Solutions is the brand name of Clinique associated with it. Clinique is a reputed and trusted brand with high quality products. Clinique Acne Solutions also give you the quick results with clear skin and visibly reduced blemishes. Clinique AcneSolutions prevent the acne breakouts and pimples.

The Acne Solutions products also nourish the skin and create a healthy glow on your face. The various products help you deal with various stages of acne effectively and in a very short span of time. Till now the brand has been able to live up to the tall claims and expectations of providing acne solutions through its vast range of quality products.


The major drawback with the Clinique Acne Solutions is the string of products offered under the same category that makes its really heavy on your pocket. It specifies the complete skin care range of products that will cost you a huge amount to treat acne. There have been instances of dried down skin after the use of acne solution product by Clinique.

Also, there are users who have complained the reoccurrence of acne with a vengeance once you discontinue with the products. However, this can also be a result of several other factors of skin abuse in terms of the use of heavy unhygienic cosmetics, exposure to harsh sun and environmental pollution or unhealthy eating habits.

My conclusion

Clinique Acne Solutions goes in favour of the product line, as it gives you the clear skin in a short span of time. The products are of superior quality to prevent any damages to the skin. Although, the complete set of products costs a bit more than any regular acne treatment lotion, it’s worth every penny considering the fact that it is about your face and its better to pay a bit more than expose your face to any damage due to poor quality of the acne lotion.

If you are looking for a quick fix results for your acne condition and if you are ready to dig deep into your pocket, Clinique Acne Solutions product range is definitely for you.

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