Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Paris Jackson Admits To Having Acne

I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson. So I do follow whatever news that pops up about him or anyone related to him. You all would have heard about the recent suicide attempt by his daughter Paris Jackson with a serious cut on her wrist. Thankfully she has survived and […]

Younger Children Seek an Acne Cure

Yes. Its a worrying trend. The average age group of one getting acne is getting lower. The more specific affected age group range is 7-9. The social behaviour of today’s parents and kids have vastly changed from older times. In today’s world the importance of appearance has become a huge factor for one’s success in […]

Benefits of Acne pill Diane-35 outweigh blood clot risk: EU agency

It wasn’t that long ago that this particular acne pill by the name Diane-35 was associated with 11 deaths. The talking point behind this pill is the blood clot risk. The European Medicines Agency claimed that the blood clot risk is low after studying a review of this pill made by a French company. The […]

Dermatologists Discuss Treatments For Acne In Adults

Adult acne has been around for quite a while and in fact this rising epidemic skin blemish has been really a cause for concern among adults of today. If all over-the-counter products fail, they switch to topical treatments using benzoyl peroxide and the more intense form in Retin-A. Even though Retin-A works, it is known […]

Fresh Hope For Acne Sufferers

As the saying goes “You are what you eat!”. Its been always a debate whether to link diet with acne. There has been increasing evidence to prove this statment correct. Of course there are many other factors that feature as culprits to trigger acne. But research has shown that diet has been a rising culprit. […]