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Younger Children Seek an Acne Cure

Acne in Children

Acne in Children
[Image credit: Brian Stauffer]

Yes. Its a worrying trend. The average age group of one getting acne is getting lower. The more specific affected age group range is 7-9.

The social behaviour of today’s parents and kids have vastly changed from older times. In today’s world the importance of appearance has become a huge factor for one’s success in life.

Adults are more impatient when they suffer from acne and would want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The physicians also prescribe more powerful acne treatments for kids as young as 3.

Most of these treatments for kids are off-label, which means that clinical trials were conducted on patients older than 12. Gels with retinoid and benzoyl peroxide have been approved by the FDA only recently in February for children as young as 9.

Impatience with dealing this ever increasing skin condition could be a major factor. Read more