Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

‘My acne was so bad I wouldn’t even walk around the house without wearing make-up’

Find out how three acne sufferers who suffered from various forms of acne managed to zap their zits. The three methods that have been featured here are by using the all famous acne conquering drug in Roaccutane, salicylic chemical peels and blue light treatment. Each of these methods has their own side-effects. Notably Roaccutane gives […]

Millions of Women Facing Adult Acne

Chronic, persistent acne has been one of the most common condition among women in their adolescence and adulthood. For the younger woman, anxiety has been cited as one of the causes for them to suffer from acne. This is usually due to their big time life events like major exams and weddings which can give […]

Rosacea: Diagnosis, treatment, and outcome

If you are not sure whether you have rosacea, the best way to determine that is to consult a dermatologist who will examine your eyes and skin. They may ask you more questions pertaining to your lifestyle, family history in order to confirm for diagnosing rosacea. There is actually no cure for rosacea. The best […]

Pre-WWII Method Could Help Teens with Scarring Acne

A Pre-WWII method of treating bacteria responsible for causing acne scarring was abandoned due to the rise of antibiotics. As the antibiotics are getting weaker in their resistance against the germs, scientists are now concentrating on the study on an acne-fighting viruses called bacteriophages or phages in short. It seems that those who have this […]

Epsom Salt Scrubs To Cure Acne

If you wondering what is an Epsom salt, its the kind of salt used worldwide for beauty spas as scrubs and also as bath salt. Its main purpose is to detoxify and exfoliate the skin and of course get rid of acne. You can buy this salt easily in any supermarkets. You can use epsom […]