Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Using Natural Skin Care Products. Are They The Answer To All Problems?

Synthetic skin care products seem to have a bad history of causing side-effects due to the level of chemicals involved in its production. Thus you will find that more and more people today are getting very meticulous about using natural skin care products only to treat any skin conditions. However, there seems to be a […]

Supporting Your Teenager Through Acne

Acne is a common problem in teenagers as it is triggered by hormonal imbalances. Several scientific studies have showed that acne can lead to social and emotional distress and or even depression. This is because this skin problem lowers the self-esteem of teenagers and impacts negatively on their body image. Parents must provide all the […]

Acne In Older Persons

Acne is not necessarily a disease of the young. Sometimes it lasts into the forties, which can be quite disturbing to the patient and his or her family. Lumps on the face of a person in the forties require a different approach to diagnosis and to treatment. These lumps are either acne or a condition […]

Pamper Your Skin With The Right Skincare Products: How and What To Buy

Go to a departmental store or supermarket and you will find a thousands of over the counter cosmetic brands labeled under skin care products. Often we get confused while making our selection for a simple fact, that every brand claims to be the best in the market. Moreover, attractive advertising and banners also play a […]

Restoring Acne-Scarred Skin

You now know a lot about what causes acne and about what can be done when it develops. But what if you found this article too late? What if you cystic acne occurred before we had Accutane and powerful antibiotics? Take a look around and you’ll see dozens of ex-acne sufferers for whom some dermatological […]