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Misunderstanding Adult Acne

When those reddish things on your face start to appear slowly, you may think that it may have been caused by this or that. Because you adapt the “It wouldn’t happen to me!” mindset, you may end up blaming it on the most unreasonable or ridiculous reasons.

Well the best thing for you to do is to stop these misunderstandings and start facing reality, before it gets too late! You have to do some of your own homework to find the right treatment for your acne.

These are the common things we think of when it comes to the cause of acne:


The most misconception is that it is fine to have acne especially when you are a teenager. People would connect it commonly to puberty or to adolescence. This is not a proven fact. Some may associate it with changes in hormones too. Today,  there are many articles and research materials which show that acne is not only evolving within teenagers, but also among the adults too.

So it just goes to show that age does not play a role when it comes to having acne. Frankly speaking, acne can be avoided completely if only you keep your face clean by washing regularly the proper way.


Daily stress is the next misconception of causing adult acne. Most people, young and old, believe in this wrong thought. There is no direct link between stress and acne. It has nothing to do with whatever root of stress you face in your work or studies.

That has something to do with the way you treat your skin. When you do not keep your regimen in keeping your skin healthy, you would probably be giving an open invitation to one of the most feared blemish, ACNE, which you are scared to have in the first place!

Low Self-Esteem

Acne is not just a physical problem as most people think it to be. It actually contributes massively to psychological issues too! It is an emotional burden and has many negative impacts in one’s lifestyle. One of the most obvious is low self-esteem.

Chances of you suffering from inferiority complex are very high! In today’s world, the lifestyle has changed so much and its main emphasis is targeted on your personal appearance. People tend to associate success with good looks. Having acne in such a world would surely make you feel alienated from the rest.

Especially when you receive unwanted stares from the public. If you don’t do anything about your acne, you will be tagged as “ugly” for the rest of your life!

Junk Food

The most common misconception about acne is that it could be acquired from eating oily food, desserts and chocolates. Again, this is not a proven fact too. Well, eating too much of these will only cause other problems to your body, such as obesity, high blood pressure and other unwanted diseases.

You must have the responsibility of keeping your face clean and healthy. Because it’s your face and your skin!

Find out the real causes of your acne by visiting a nearby doctor for a start. If you are really concerned, than meet a dermatologist. They are your safest bet! Why? Because they will customize a specific medication for your affected skin as everyone’s skin is not the same. Read more about your skin explained in my other post.

So, do not resort to such wrong and unproven conceptions. Acne is a medical issue. So consulting your friends for advice is not a good idea. If they did not provide a good advice, it could end up giving more harm to your acne!

And if you are not sure how acne looks like it’s more moderate and advanced stage, take a look at the images on my Acne Type page. So you might be having second thoughts now, when you have some red tiny humps on your face. Be very mindful of it now and take action!

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