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Using Natural Skin Care Products. Are They The Answer To All Problems?

Natural Acne Care Products

Natural Acne Care Products

Synthetic skin care products seem to have a bad history of causing side-effects due to the level of chemicals involved in its production. Thus you will find that more and more people today are getting very meticulous about using natural skin care products only to treat any skin conditions.

However, there seems to be a problem evolving on the other side. There is a growing belief that natural skin care treatments are the answer to all our skin blemishes. This belief comes at the prospect of synthetic products deemed as totally harmful and should be removed from the shelf. So do they need to be banned from selling to prevent more damage to the skin?

You will not get any overwhelming one-sided answers for both natural and synthetic products. Everyone will have their own point to defend each one of them. So what is exactly causing all this confusion?

Here is the reality check. It’s really hard to find a natural skin care product that is truly 100% natural. The presence of synthetic preservatives in them makes it really all the more difficult to find one.

However there really are those with natural preservatives and they do have their short comings. They are very expensive and have a shorter shelf life, which is why the manufacturers are avoiding them.

Another short comings which is worthy of mention here are the users themselves. Most of them are very impatient to see results. They want a quick-fix solution. So they tend to switch to synthetic products. The irony is that the products with natural preservatives do work but they take a long time to produce results.

There is a common concept that all natural skin care products will not harm your skin in anyway. This claim has not been the case otherwise as there are cases of people getting side-effects after they have tried them. So, what went wrong?

Instructions on bottle

Read the instructions before usage carefully

I would rather say that it is one’s lack of knowledge about their skin type. There is another common mistake. Most of them do not exactly follow the instructions written on the bottles. You must know that the suitability of a skin care product is not judged by whether it being a natural or synthetic one.

Sometimes if a natural skin care solution is not available, then you may end up needing a synthetic one. So be open-minded to synthetic ones even if you prefer using natural skin care products.

I can list down three main factors for you if you were to make a selection of a natural skin care product. To put it simply, allow yourself to invest some time in reading the labels and instructions on the product.

Your Skin Type

Your Skin Type

1. Find out your skin type. The general categorization of skin type would be dry, oily, normal and sensitive. You can then look for a suitable natural skin care product that suits your skin type. Most of the time it’s either written on the front of the bottle label or at the back under the usage instructions.

If the product is definitely meant to be used for one particular type of skin, it will be emphasized in big bold letters on the front side of the product bottle.

2. Also find out whether the natural solution is suitable for usage in any particular climatic conditions. For example if the condition around you is humid and hot, it’s necessary to use oil-free natural skin care products.

3. Finally I would reiterate this here again. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully. It’s not like the fine print you have to read for your insurance policies that you have to avoid. The most important part is the application process. You must follow the regimen provided and stick to it at all times till you finish using it. Only then you will see this product reaping the full benefits for you.

If you really hate reading the instructions and following the regimen, you can always choose to make natural skin care solutions all by yourself. You can easily obtain the recipes available online and in the books at book stores.

One of the most popular items used are organic fruits and vegetables as a natural skin care procedure. Essential oils and herbal oils like tea tree oil are very useful. They are reputed to have the antiseptic and natural moisterising properties.

However you should exercise caution when using a natural skin care product. You cannot choose to be careless even with Mother Nature. You need to use them like supplements along with other aspects of skin care.

Here are some recommendations.

1. Make sure you are on a healthy diet. That is avoiding oily food.

2. Drink a lot of water. Preferably eight glasses daily.

3. Make sure you exercise at least three times a week.

4. Observe cleanliness at home. For example, change your pillow cases once a week. Always wear clean and loose clothing to allow proper ventilation in your body. Always make sure that your fingers are clean before touching your face.

By doing this you will create a perfect and completely natural skin care routine that will help give you a healthy beautiful skin and maintain them for ages to come. Having making this testament, natural skin care products can become the answer to all skin blemishes.

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