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Supporting Your Teenager Through Acne

Teenager with acneAcne is a common problem in teenagers as it is triggered by hormonal imbalances. Several scientific studies have showed that acne can lead to social and emotional distress and or even depression. This is because this skin problem lowers the self-esteem of teenagers and impacts negatively on their body image. Parents must provide all the necessary support to the teenager as this helps them to cope better with acne.

Emotional support

It is essential for a parent to be sympathetic to a teenager with acne instead of brushing it off as a minor problem. At this age, teens do not understand the full meaning of inner beauty since they derive their identity from their appearance. As a parent, you should enlighten your teenage son or daughter that acne is a normal problem that happens at that stage and will eventually go away. By providing support to the teenager, they will open up and confide in you, as well as come to you for help.


Good health raises the body’s immunity and protects it from acne outbreaks. Some foods, such as greasy food, chocolates, sodas, biscuits, sugar and junk foods make acne worse. Parents must encourage teenagers to eat more healthily by incorporating a lot of vegetables and fruits in their diet. The teenager must also drink a lot of water—at least eight glasses in day to keep the skin hydrated. This will also help in cleansing the body and getting rid of all toxins.

Skin care products

It is important to treat acne earlier before the situation gets out of hand. There are many skin care products that treat acne in the market. Most of these products can be bought over the counter and are made for different types of skins. To eliminate the chances of buying products that contain harsh and harmful chemicals, look for remedies that are certified by USDA or any other reputable body. Certified organic and herbal acne remedies are also very effective and free from chemicals.


If the acne does not improve, take the teenager to the dermatologist for a proper analysis. Look for a reputable dermatologist through referral and book an appointment. The dermatologist can provide the necessary medical assistance and prescribe treatment that will clear black heads and the acne completely. The doctor can also recommend other advanced treatment options, such as laser therapy depending on the intensity of the acne.

Moderate sun

Most teenagers assume that the sun will help in drying out the skin and get rid of the acne. However, this is a misconception since when the skin becomes dry, the sebaceous gland releases more oil to keep the skin hydrated. This excess oil will worsen the acne, so the teenager should only stay in the sun for only a short period of time.

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