Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

New Light Treatment Sheds Some Light On Acne Cure

Photodynamic light treatment for acne

Photodynamic light treatment for acne
[Image credit: Photocure ASA]

“If you have adult acne, then its time that you step into the light!” –  as quoted by a presenter from WSJ Live.

Researches are harnessing healing properties of light to treat adult acne. Yes, scientists are developing photodynamic treatment for moderate to severe acne.

Photodynamic light treatment comes in 2 ingredients. One is a cream that contains aminolevulinic acid or ALA in short which is a photosensitizer. Two, its the light itself.

Light is shone on that compound and when it does it helps the compound to react and destroys the skin cells that causes acne.

It acts as a best alternative treatment to those who have severe acne and are not reacting to accutane or antibiotics for some reasons. Read more