Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Top 5 Myths On What Causes Adult Acne

Fact versus fiction… When explanation is given about adult acne to adults as well as to adolescents then it is really very vital to distinguish the facts from the fiction. It is important to separate them because adult acne may strain the nerves of a person and make him emotionally depressed. Teenage is considered as […]

Smoking Gives Woman Acne, Scientists Reveal

A study discovered 42% of female smokers developed adult acne in comparison to only one in ten female non-smokers. If serious health warnings and pub bans were not sufficient to put smokers off the habit, they may think over it after scientists discovered that it can cause adult acne. The spotty skin disorder specifically affects […]

The Skin Explained

Skin explained Skin is a waterproof casing, a protection against bacteria, a cooling system and a sense organ. It is being made by two main layers, the dermis and the epidermis.  Most frequent skin problems include eczema, adult acne, fungal infections, warts, dermatitis, skin cancer and sunburn. The skin is the biggest organ in a […]

History of Acne

Term “Adult Acne” meaning Adult acne is quite old and one of the frequent skin disorders which generally leads to “skin eruptions or pimples” occurring on back, neck, face and even on arms. In Greek language Adult acne means skin eruptions. Since ages adult acne is known as a serious skin disorder which seriously affects […]

Smoking Can Cause Adult Acne too!

If the chances of untimely death and continuing illnesses have not been adequate enough to put smokers off, now they are being warned the habit can also lead to spots, especially among women. A condition called “smoker’s adult acne” – which affects smokers with blocked spots and pores- has been discovered by researchers at the […]