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Top 5 Myths On What Causes Adult Acne

Fact versus fiction…

When explanation is given about adult acne to adults as well as to adolescents then it is really very vital to distinguish the facts from the fiction. It is important to separate them because adult acne may strain the nerves of a person and make him emotionally depressed.

Teenage is considered as a perfect time when we meet new people and friends. During our teenage we start dating with new people. Misinformation about adult acne is due to several myths.

Below are mentioned common myths related to the “cause of adult acne” today.

First myth: You may suffer from adult acne if you consume too much of chocolate

Reality: Adult acne is not caused due to chocolate. In fact, according to some renowned doctors chocolate is not correlated with adult acne and it is proved as well. But it is suggested that even if they are not correlated you should try not to consume too much of sweets, salts and fat. Try to consume food that is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A.

Second myth: Dirt causes adult acne

Reality: It is a myth that is believed widely however it is really very vital to keep your skin clean always. The reason behind is that dirt and oil tend to block the pores. Dirt is not at all responsible to bring the skin cells together against the follicle wall. This type of phenomenon occurs deep inside the skin where cleaning is not possible.

Third myth: There is a link between adult acne and sex

Reality: There are some people out there who believe that adult acne will automatically disappear if they get married or give birth to their first baby. There is also a variation of this myth and that is the other side of the argument: if a person is enjoying active sex life then they may suffer from adult acne.

This type of link was actually made because during the period of adolescence the sex life is of great concern. But during the year 1940, the medical professionals affirmed that adult acne and sexual activity are not correlated and then this myth became less popular.

Fourth myth: Adult acne is caused during hot climate

Reality: There are some individuals who believe that people staying in cold climates tend to have less adult acne than those who live in tropical areas. But in reality there is no such link between where one live and the incidence of adult acne.

Moreover, the color of one’s skin is also not a cause of adult acne. However, it has been discovered that people who are light skinned tend to have severe adult acne than the people who are dark skinned.

Huge glands and defined pores are some of the most common characteristics found in dark skinned people and these characteristics are very beneficial and protect them against adult acne. But hyper-pigmentation is likely to occur more frequently in dark skinned people once their adult acne is cured.

Fifth myth: Person shaving for the first time will suffer from adult acne

Reality: When a boy reaches to his teen, then the first sign is hair that grows on his face especially on his chin and above his lip. Initially the hairs will be sparse but after a year or so a mustache and a beard will grow and to stay neat and clean, the boy needs to shave them regularly.

After their first shaving the hairs will again grow back, but this time the hairs will be thicker. After each shave the hairs will grow back again and again and each time the hairs grow, it will be thicker and denser. So repetitive shaving is essential.

There are some hairs that grow inward and the hair that grows internally is the main cause of adult acne. Internal growth of hair combines with production of oil in sebaceous glands and may result in skin breakouts. Shaving cause adult acne is still a myth however, it is true if shaving is done regularly and close to the hair follicles then the person may suffer from adult acne.