Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Effectivness and Safety of Acne Drugs

Acne can strike and affect most of us at any point in our lives. Even those during their teen days who got lucky, somehow suffer from it when they enter adulthood. Now the big issue with acne is that it comes in all shapes, sizes, kinds and levels! Those get it and notice it early enough, can get it cured easily. But what about others who overlook the early signs, only to make their acne more serious?

If you are suffering from severe acne condition, you may have visited your nearest dermatologist to seek for a solution. For a very severe condition, your doctor will probably recommend taking a prescription medication for acne such as Isotretinoin. Although this can cure acne most of the time, it’s always accompanied by side effects such as mainly, depression, hallucinations and dizziness. So taking acne medications in general, may not be safe for everyone.

Those who take medical drugs like Isotretinoin, has to be under direct supervision in order for the drug to work effectively. This drug is only administered to those who are suffering from a very severe stage of acne.

Steroids are prescribed for serious and almost incurable acne diseases and it requires a variety of ways to administer it. Usually by injection, in the form of topical cream or oral application. The quality of steroids may reduce inflammation associated with acne. Again, there are side effects of treatment with steroids, like weight gain and mood swings.

So what kind of treatment options do you have for treating acne conditions which are mild to moderate?

There are a number of ways or options to treat your acne condition if it is not serious. One of the effective and natural form of treatment is tea tree oil, which is very gentle to the skin yet quite effective in destroying bacteria in the pores. Because of it’s gentleness in it’s reaction on the skin, it fights and eliminates acne at its source without damaging the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide is an active ingredient used in many acne treatments today. Even though its very effective in killing bacteria, it will make your skin dry and leads to flaking of your skin. Or you can call it the snowball effect of rising oil production.

Another popular ingredient in many over-the-counter products is salicylic acid . It is a beta hydroxy acid commonly used to treat comedonal or non-inflamed acne. Salicylic acid is found as a common content in lotions, creams, cleansers, medicated treatment pads, solutions or “toners.” Usage of this product will give a mild burning sensation and irritation of the skin.

To summarize everything, if your acne level is mild or moderate, than there are many effective treatments to opt for. A severe acne is usually the case of soreness of the skin spreading around the affected area and will be painful upon contact. This if left untreated, will become really serious and it again depends on each individual. So it’s best to consult a dermatologist, who will study your skin type and prescribe medication that will best suit you and should go for regular follow ups.