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How To Treat Back Acne

Acne and Its Causes:

English: Cystic acne on the back.

Cystic acne on the back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have read all about acne and its causes but here is just simple recap for your information.

Medically termed as Acne Vulgaris, acne is a form of skin disease in which the oil glands situated at the base of the skin, especially at the end of the hair follicles come to life. It is a common occurrence during puberty in both males and females, when these sebaceous glands start functioning and are further stimulated by the hormones.

With the production of too much of sebum, the pores and hair follicles on the human skin get blocked, consequently attracting bacteria and resulting in acne.

Though acne mostly appear on faces, back, chest, neck and shoulders, ‘Bacne’ or back acne is one of the most acute forms of this disorder, and often tends to spread affecting the back, upper arms, and buttocks. The result is a breeding ground of bacteria, which also contains hair, skin cells, bacteria and sebum, ‘Bacne’ can take several forms like blackheads, pimples, cysts and pustules causing painful eruptions and leaving behind ugly scars.

Back Acne also known as body acne, is in fact more common than we think and often more difficult to treat. Since the skin in the infested areas is thicker, and the sebaceous glands are larger, the pores in these areas are also bigger and thus easier to get blocked.

Moreover, since the skin in these areas mostly remains covered because it remains clothed, the acne becomes more challenging to treat. Hence, treating back acne has become a concern for a large number of people across the globe.

According to expert opinions, the process for treating back acne is very similar to that of facial acne – while we cannot prevent the skin from secreting oil, dermatologists suggest that keeping the area clean helps prevent the infestation and spread of the disorder.

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Prevention and Treatment of Back Acne

Maintaining a good hygiene is often considered one of the best back acne treatments alongside following a simple but regular cleansing and exfoliating schedule. The process of cleansing and exfoliating helps unclog the pores thus allowing the skin to remain free of bacteria.

Dermatologists suggest showering regularly, especially after strenuous physical activity, since this helps the body get rid of the perspiration and the oil secreted in the process. Those suffering from acute cases of back acne are also recommended to follow a rigorous exfoliation regime – not only is it a great way to get rid of the dead skin cells that tend to get accumulated, but it also helps keep the areas oil-free.

Products containing salicylic acid

Products with salicylic acid or glycolic acid

Products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid that act as gentle scrubbing agents are highly recommended for exfoliating the skin and unblocking the pores. You can always look for it under the ingredients section mostly displayed at the back of the product. However, it should be understood that while cleansing definitely helps reduce and prevent spread of acne, too much of it is harmful.

Human skin is sensitive in nature and if the skin is scrubbed too hard using the harsh antibacterial soaps etc, the skin is likely to lose its healthy sheen, and become itchy and dry.

Because of the possibility of skin damage caused by the chemicals in the cleansing and scrubbing agents available in the markets, many opt for effective home remedies like using a sugar-scrub while showering, on a weekly basis. It is milder than salt-scrubs and leaves the skin hydrated, while having successfully removed the dead skin and the excess oil.

16 oz Salt in Red Jar

16 oz Salt in Red Jar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another treatment that is often very effective and very popular because of its organic nature is a salt water treatment. Beaches are the best possible recourse for this – let the back be submerged in the saltwater for about 10 minutes, after which let the sun dry out the skin. Or perhaps you can rather choose to buy dead sea salt scrub which is known to have many therapeutic effects.

However, ensure that the durations are maintained strictly, since the skin is otherwise likely to get sun burnt, worsening the acne condition.

‘Bacne’ Treatments Available in the Market

CetaphilThe market is filled with several back acne treatment products, among which anti-bacterial cleansers used for the face like Cetaphil are known to be very effective. Remember it is important to let the skin dry before covering it with cloth.

Available over-the-counter, gels or creams with 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, are then to be applied on the affected area. Some experts suggest that an alpha hydroxyl treatment in tandem with benzoyl peroxide is more efficient, especially while treating severe cases of back acne.

Another not-so-popular but effective treatment uses zinc to eliminate acne. Known as the enemy of acne, zinc helps cleanse the system and get rid of the excess sebum.

Lotion with zinc acetate

Lotion with zinc acetate

Any lotion that contains 1.2% zinc acetate and 4% erythromycin, rubbed directly on the affected areas is known to be successful in reducing the severity of the problem. Alternatively an intake of 25mg – 45mg of zinc as a part of the daily diet will also ensure similar results.

Alongside an ill-maintained hygiene and a poor cleanliness regime, diet and stress are also known to cause acne. With the fast-paced lives that we lead these days, with high stress levels, excessive dependence on junk food and barely any exercise, acne is almost a given.

Healthcare practitioners hence often suggest alternate remedies like exercising regularly, reducing stress levels and maintaining a well balanced diet. While following these methods will help reduce the severity of the problem, people with recurrent acute instances of acne should consult a dermatologist for prescription treatment.

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