Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Acne pill for girls that could give them deadly blood clots

Shannon DeakinDianette otherwise known as Diane-35 has been linked to 11 deaths so far. This drug’s dual purpose as clearing acne and as hormone treatment has become much of a controversy.

Regulators in France and probably world-wide are banning this drug to be sold. The potentcy of this drug lies in the clotting of blood in veins. Medically its known as vein thrombosis.

In fact, I’ve brought this issue up in my previous posts. This is an update of the death of a sixteen year old by the name Shannon Deakin who has consumed this drug for a period of one month.

This drug was prescribed by her GP for acne treatment. She died from an undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis when a blood clot from her leg travelled all the way up to her lungs. Read more