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When To Seek A Dermatologist?


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Acne is one of the most common problems seen among teens and adults world over. While it is not something too serious to worry about, it is not to be ignored too. When we talk of acne, first we should understand what acne is, why it forms, what are the solutions and when to seek a dermatologist?

The first step towards eruption of acne spots is formation of blackheads which is made up of dead cells and excess oil (Sebum) secreted in the body. This blocks the ducts and the moist and dirt creates a conducive environment for the bacteria to breed. This infection inflates and inflames the blackheads and there forms the whitehead or pustule blooming into full-fledged acne.

The causes for acne formation, especially the adult acne are many. It can be due to overstress, birth control pills, hormonal imbalances, low quality cosmetics and irregular and improper diet.

Once you see acne you may be confused on whether to seek and when to seek a dermatologist? This is not required at the initial stage. First try out the various solutions available.

The first and foremost that needs to be done is keep your skin clean and moist and dirt free. Go for good quality cosmetics. Ensure that they are all oil-free as oil adds fuel to this problem. Use face washes that have benzoyl peroxide but of lower strength. This is what most dermatologists use.

There are many effective home remedies that do act upon these acne spots. The best of it all is the Terminalia Chebula also widely known as Ink nut. Remove the seed of this dry nut and grind the flesh into paste adding little water.

Before going to bed clean your face and wipe it dry. Apply this paste evenly on the face and a little thicker on the acne spots and leave it overnight. The next morning wash it off gently with plain lukewarm water. Doing this regularly will not only get rid of the acne spots but also the scars too.

When it comes to food and nutrition take extra care to include more of Vitamin A, which helps in curing acne. Vitamin E, as it is rich in antioxidants. Zinc, as it enhances the immune system and helps to keep bacteria at bay.

Go for more fresh fruits and vegetables and do not forget to drink plenty of water. This would help in flushing out the toxins from the body, naturally irrigating the skin. Avoid oily, spicy and junk foods. They have a greater role in acne problems.

Keeping fit and healthy too has great effects on acne formation. Go for regular exercising, work out and Yoga. This will open up the sweat pores and cleanse the clogs. It would improve the blood circulation and enhance the immune system, helps in regulating the hormones. They help in releasing endorphins that induce a sense of well-being thereby reducing stress as a result of which acne formation also reduces.

Remove makeup before going to bed. Let the skin to breathe well which helps it to be healthy. Make it a point to wash your face with a mild soap every time you are back at home. This will help in cleaning the dirt accumulated while driving out.

For this first rinse well with warm water and once your skin is clean, wash with cold water and apply ice for a couple of minutes. This will help the pore to open up, clean the accumulated dirt and then close it.

When to seek a dermatologist?

Only if such remedies and preventions don’t work and you are really suffering from severe types of acne with painful cysts, do you require visiting a dermatologist. Apart from this practical and physical factor, the psychological factor does play a significant role and puts up the question of when to seek a dermatologist?

When one begins to feel over conscious about their looks, are anxious and depressed, begin avoiding social gatherings, then it is surely high time to consult a dermatologist.

Remember, never to squeeze, poke or prick any pimples or acne spots. They smoothly pave the way for the infection to spread out and leave permanent scars.

When the acne blemishes are considerably more in number or are bigger, it is wise to visit a dermatologist and get the cysts drained out safely. They use sterilized equipment and take utmost care thereby restricting the spread of the infection.

It is also important that you write down all your questions before you visit a dermatologist and bring a list of the products that you are using or have used in the past so that you can review with your doctor which treatments may be appropriate and which one you should avoid.

It could be even better if you happen to know anything about your family history for acne and narrate it to your dermatologist. This will be of great help for the skin specialist to determine the right treatment for you and thus making your healing process much faster.

Still confused about when to seek a dermatologist?

Then I’ll give you four factors to consider before making a decision to meet a dermatologist. They are as follows:

  • What is the severity of the lesions present? How long has your pimples been around and are they very itchy or painful?
  • How long has the acne been a problem? Is it a recent occurrence that you can relate to specific events such as a specific medication you took for a while, or a new product you are using or has it been going on for years?
  • How have you responded to treatment in the past? This is extremely important for you to let the skin specialist know if you are planning to visit one. You could be allergic to some treatments and the dermatologist could single it out from your possible treatment to prevent more damage to your skin.
  • What is the tendency for scarring and hyper pigmentation? Do they leave behind red or brown marks or scars?

Take your time and make a list for yourself to these four factors. This not only will help you guide as to whether you might need treatment, but it will also be valuable knowledge for the dermatologist to decide the right treatment plan for you in the shortest possible time right? After all, everyone wants to clear acne fast as possible and move on with their lives.

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