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History of Acne

Term “Adult Acne” meaning

Adult acne is quite old and one of the frequent skin disorders which generally leads to “skin eruptions or pimples” occurring on back, neck, face and even on arms. In Greek language Adult acne means skin eruptions.

Since ages adult acne is known as a serious skin disorder which seriously affects complexion of human body. Therefore, adult acne is known as one of the most common skin related disorders which lasted even in early periods.  However, in absence of any medical research or proper knowledge adult acne was actually thought to be a contagious disease which could spread from one person to another.

The history of adult acne traces back through 3 major civilizations in Egyptian, Roman and Greek.

Adult acne and ancient Egypt

As per the archeological records, even the Pharaohs of Egypt had endeavored to cure the problem of adult acne but due to lack of modern scientific technology, many myths and beliefs cropped up that were linked to the cause, signs and treatment of adult acne.

In the ancient times, the people in Egypt used charms and magic to treat adult acne. Those who lived in third century A.D. had strong belief that adult acne crops up when on tells lies! However, doctors used to tell the people to avoid spicy food and beverages. Significant progress was made in the treatment of adult acne during the second half of the 20th century.

Adult acne and ancient Greece

As per the historical data, in Ancient Greece Aristotle and Hippocrates knew this condition of adult acne. The ancient Greeks certainly recognize the situation of adult acne and used to call it tovoot. Hippocrates, himself uses the term but was not able to clarify what he actually meant. His wordings suggest that it was well known disease.

Adult acne and ancient Rome

There are recorded stories about Romans using “warm sitz baths; of sulfur to lower the adult acne symptoms. In fact, historians explain an exciting way of adult acne treatment in ancient Roman times. It can be mentioned that ancient Rome led the way as the first civilization to treat adult acne.

In Roman Empire times (27 B.C. through 393 A.D.), it was considered that pores could be cleansed and unclogged by adding sulfur in mineral baths. Because this type of cleansing lowered the bacteria-causing adult acne amount, it was fairly effective.

What’s more, because of sulfur’s dehydrating abilities, oils that clogged the skin were dried out. Although, this was not a perfect cure, the sulfur treatment and mineral water led to signs of improvement and adult acne symptoms.

Based on the above historical outline, it can be decided that adult acne is an old disease with even an older history. From time to time, various societies and cultures have used various methods to address the problem.

Thanks to the latest developments in the natural therapy field, newer and safer anti adult acne formulations and systems are now available that will not only cure the problem but will help you in saving lot of money.

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