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Can Smoking Cause Acne?

Can Smoking Cause Acne?

Irrespective of having a habit of smoking or not, you will surely know how harmful smoking is. It leads to various cancers, early ageing and complete skin damage, teeth decaying, bad breath and number of other tough health conditions.

Although around three billion deaths are taking place across the world, still this fact is unable to discourage many from quitting this unhealthy habit.  It perhaps makes sense that although not normally related with adult acne earlier; the fact is real that a person who smokes can not have a healthy skin in comparison to the people who do not smoke.

Moreover it has also come to light which says that female smokers in comparison to the male smokers suffer from “smokers adult acne”.

Am I At Risk Of Smokers Acne?

According to research being taken out has shown than in a study of 1,000 women aged 25 -50, over 40% of them suffered from adult acne while only 10% of non-smokers suffered from adult acne. Smokers who suffered from adult acne in their younger years are also thought to be as much as four times more likely to suffer from adult acne as an adult than adults who did not smoke.

The type of adult acne very common amongst smokers is called non-inflammatory adult acne (NIA) which is predominately whiteheads and blackheads. Blackheads are mainly ugly and may take a very long time to drain away. It is decided that the carcinogens and toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke, clog the pores and promote bacterial growth leading to breakouts.

It does not mean that because you smoke you will essentially suffer adult acne but if you suffered from adult acne as a teen then breakouts are probably more likely.

What Else Will Smoking Do To My Skin?

Tobacco is very harmful as it can bring down the charm of the skin and makes you look older at an early age. People who smoke a lot can suffer from this problem. One will not only have breakouts but the skin will lose its shine and you will not feel fresh. It is because the content of Vitamin A has decreased in your body and therefore your skin becomes lose.

The complexion darkens and you will look weak. Wrinkles will appear on your face and look very bad. One can get prone to the different types of skin cancers which are caused due to smoking only. It is not that only sunlight can cause skin cancer but smoking can damage your DNA cells and leave your skin rough.

How Can I Prevent Smokers Acne?

The only way to get protection against ‘smokers adult acne’ is to quit smoking. There is no real scientific proof to suggest that smoking 100% leads to adult acne. But the proof surely hints that it is a factor.

But this does not mean by quitting smoking you will not be able to suffer from another breakout. If you are already predisposed to breakouts, and if you continue smoking, it will only exacerbate the problem. By leaving smoking you can avoid further damage to your skin.