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Acne and the Female Connection

Why pimples love women when they don’t love to have them

Women with unexpected pimplesAdult acne doesn’t seem to spare anyone of all ages, both men and women. Over the course of their entire lives, somehow they are bound to get a few pimples. The big problem is, pimples come in various shapes, colours, sizes and the condition or severity of it depends entirely on the individual who’s getting it.

To make things more complicated, it affects men and women in different ways. In fact, acne seems to have some kind of trendy behavior on both sexes determined by their age group. Studies from the trend seems that more young men are likely to suffer from more severe form of acne than in young women.

That doesn’t mean any good news to young women. Acne tends to be more unpredictable in young women and most of them are linked to hormone changes, such as the menstrual cycle. The trend reflects that as women get older, acne often seems to be getting better. The problem is, acne loves women. Women tend to be a longer carrier of pimples and related skin disorders for many years to come.

Some women, just when they thought that they will be acne-free forever, especially when they reach an age range of 30 to 40, they get strike by the acne curse.

A women’s physical appearance tends to change more than a man does as time passes by. Their biological clock is more complex. Acne can be really a very depressing illness for many women. They are very naturally conscious of their body image, and if they don’t look good, they plunge into depression and suffer downright from low self-esteem.

Little did they know that as a result of suffering from depression and stress, it actually triggers their acne condition. At this stage, they have two choices. One, will be to take action immediately by approaching a doctor at a nearby clinic or take one step further by visiting a dermatologist. Or they can just wait to outgrow acne by letting it run its course.

Obviously, women would not wait on seeing their acne off, but rather get rid of it as soon as possible. By the time, when their acne disappears allowing it to run on its own course, they will be too old to do anything in their lives. But what makes acne so cruel is that even if they disappear, they will make a return and could take into another form of acne. It could become even more severe than they thought.

The good news is, the medical world has become far more advanced today that almost every case of acne can be easily resolved and also can sometimes be prevented. This can be only possible if you decide to meet a dermatologist, who will be in the best position to give you a sound advice on the type of treatment you should get.

Factors that trigger acne in women

There are many factors that can trigger acne attacks in women. These factors that trigger can act as alone or usually a combination act.

Menstrual cycle:

This is one of the most common acne trigger culprit. A lot of biological activities take place in a women’s’ body during this period. As a result, acne lesions tend to form a few days before the first phase of cycle and disappear after the cycle is completed but that’s not always being the case.Women suffering from a menstrual cycle

Premenstrual acne, otherwise known as PMS acne, is a consistent flare up of acne coinciding with the menstrual cycle. Other hormone changes, such as menopause and pregnancy can dramatically improve acne in some women. Again, some women have worse acne scenarios during these times.

Hormonal changes (puberty):

Girls naturally develop an increase in male sex hormones called androgens during their puberty. This increase as a result causes the skin glands to get larger and lead to over production of sebum. Sebum is the natural oil produced in our bodies. This over secretion of sebum blocks the pores on our skins and thus becomes an open invitation for the development of adult acne.


There are certain types of medications that will cause acne. I’ll name the most common ones here. Thyroid medications contain a high volume of Iodine which can cause acne break outs. Epileptic medications used to treat epileptic seizures have side effects and one of them is causing acne.

Medications are also available to treat depression in the form of lithium. Lithium causes adult acne on the chest and back. Anabolic steroids, the performance enhancing drugs cause acne on the chest, shoulders and back for men and facial area for women.

Birth control pills play a huge role too. Since this is a hormonal treatment, it leaves a lot of room to activate the acne lesions. Although in some woman, it improves their acne condition, not so for some unlucky ones.


Today’s modern day commercialized make up contains harsh chemical contents in them. Those especially oil-based ones which applied frequently are a real helping hand in triggering acne flare ups in women.

Skin pressure or friction:

Bike helmets with chin straps can cause probably cause chin acne and backpacks can cause back acne. Those playing violins regularly too can cause acne as their faces are in constant contact with the instrument. Tight clothing are a cause for acne too, especially those who are already suffering from adult acne making their conditions worse.

Family History:

Heredity plays a role too. If you have a family history of acne, then there is a greater chance of acne breakouts.

Does poor hygiene of woman cause acne?

To be frank, today’s women are very hygiene conscious; this question does not apply here. In fact, it was just a myth. Women, who are very concerned about their appearance, try to get all kinds of the best over-the-counter products in order to look clean and good.

Too much washing or scrubbing on the skin can actually worsen the acne condition. The harsh chemicals involved in face wash washes away the natural surface oil needed for the elasticity of the skin and texture. This will only lead to dry skin and make acne more severe.

Sometimes when one product does not yield the desired result within a short time, they continuously keep switching another product. This is not going to help anyway, instead do more harm to the skin.

The best way to clean the face is to use water-based face cleansers or a mild soap and gently wash just twice a day. If you have make-up on your face, be sure to wash it away slowly and gently. Some heavy make-up tends to stick to your skin and washing it away harshly will only hurt your skin further.

Can eating chocolate or greasy foods cause acne in women?

You can certainly eat dark chocolates because its content has anti-inflammatory properties. Its milk-based chocolates that you should avoid. It contains sugar, milk powder or condensed milk that can affect your hormone production. Greasy foods are a definite no no. Please read my article on Acne and Diet.

Simple hints & tips to prevent & treat acne and acne scars

Take care: You simply need to take good care of your skin to prevent acne flare-ups and scars by just following simple daily tasks which you can perform right in the comforts of your own home. You have to be a disciplinarian in observing cleanliness in anything you do.

Clean gently: The skin on your face is one of the softest areas on your body. So naturally handling it needs a gentle approach. Wash your face gently with mild soap or cleanser twice a day, one in the morning and once at night. Unless if you had exercise in the middle of the day, or involved in some dirty job, or being in some polluted environment, extra washing is necessary.

Wash thoroughly but not frequently: This related to the above point. There is a proper method in washing your face. You have to wash your face from under the jaw to the hairline and rinse thoroughly. If you are concentrating on your cheeks, then you have to apply a circular backward motion while applying your cleanser.

Change your pillow case: If you are already suffering from acne, than it’s really important that you change your pillow cases every day. They are prefect breeding grounds for acne flare-ups. Just wash one set and use the other the next day. You don’t really have to own many pillow cases. Same applies to your face towel and bathing towel.

Make up removal: Heavy make ups usually need longer time to remove. Use warm water to wash off the makeup first. Then gently use a mild soap to wash off the remaining make up if present. Then you may use any water-based cleanser to finish washing your face.

Avoid friction: Avoid using strong soaps or rough scrub pads. This will cause friction, and definitely does not do any favour to your gentle skin. Do not also rub harshly on your face with your face towel after your regular wash. Instead, you should just press it gently on your face to absorb the water.

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