Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Acne and Diet

For years dermatologists were adamant that diet did not influence or affect acne. However, recent scientific research suggests the link between diet and acne does exist, particularly in a Western diet. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report from researchers who believe it isn’t the particular food you eat, like pizza or chocolate, […]

The Relationship between Stress and Acne

Stress can have such a negative effect on your body and in particular affects your skin health. Among other effects, it is known to accelerate the aging process of the skin and make it look dull and lifeless. It weakens the skin’s barrier and eventually decreases its ability to protect against harmful irritants, which in […]

Effective Ways on How to Prevent Adult Acne

Acne can really be embarrassing and annoying because it significantly decreases the level of self-confidence of an individual. So when acne occurs, medication and natural remedies should immediately be sought after to get rid of it. Adult acne is commonly characterized by acne that begins or continues up to the adult years. It can be […]

Learn How To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is prominent in not only children, and there are many adults that suffer from the consequences of acne. Those who struggle with acne as an adult will generally be frustrated at all of the different ways that they can learn on how to get rid of acne; however, one of the most important aspects […]

All About Acne and Pregnancy

Acne breakout is most likely to be experienced during pregnancy. Basically, acne breakout happens during the first trimester of pregnancy when the body produces a substantial amount of hormones that trigger acne breakout. During this period, the natural oil production level significantly elevates. The overproduction of androgenic hormone such as progesterone stimulates the sebaceous gland […]