Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

Life Cycle of a Spot

This is just a short reference of the various stages acne takes into form. Even before a spot appears, things will be happening beneath the surface of the skin. For example, you may feel a slight tenderness, soreness or pain in the area just before the spot appears. The type most likely to take time […]

The War against Acne – A Struggle to Save Face

This article sees through the eyes of a professional dermatologist who has massive experiences in treating and curing adult acne patients. He brings you some of the best practices imposed by many dermatologists around the world and also some of the short comings of a few of the treatments. Enjoy reading it and get educated! […]

Natural Ingredients and Home Remedies

In today’s world, despite scientific advance in treatments for skin problems, many people prefer to rely on both natural ingredients and home remedies. These remedies are preferred because they are readily available, easy to use, are gentle on the skin, and avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Most natural ingredients are botanicals, derived from plants. […]

Good Nutrition: A Recipe For Healthy Skin

We all know that good nutrition is a recipe for healthy bodies and skin, and many countries have a national food guide to help their citizens meet their essential vitamin, mineral, and nutrient requirements. China, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada and the United States each have guides. Most nations recognize four food groups: […]

Who’s Who In Skin Care

Whether you have a question about your skin, you are looking for preventative skin care, or you are having a problem like a rash or a changing mole, it is important to know where to go for help. This article provides a guide to the different types of professionals who help to keep skin healthy […]